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Pre-Operative Instructions: Anesthesia

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Set Yourself Up for Success

If you require anesthesia for your surgery, there are several ways in which you must prepare to help ensure a successful procedure. It’s normal to feel apprehensive or nervous, but rest assured, your surgical team has the qualifications and training to safely administer and monitor your anesthesia. Following our pre-anesthesia instructions will help you experience a better surgery and recovery.


Food and Drink

If you are scheduled to have IV sedation or anesthesia, please follow these requirements for food and liquids:

- Clear liquids (water, black coffee, tea, juice without pulp) 2 Hours
- Light meal (plain toast, clear liquids) 6 Hours
- Heavy meal (fatty foods, Solids, meats, veggies, fruit, etc.) 8 Hours

As a general rule please do not eat or drink for 8 Hours prior to anesthesia. If you have questions about what you can eat or drink related to your specific medical needs please call our office at lease one day prior to your appointment.



Smoking and vaping will significantly impair your ability to heal properly after Oral surgery. We understand that the use of tobacco and vaping is very difficult to stop but we ask that you do your best to reduce your use of Tabacco (smoking, vaping and loose) before and after your surgery.


Clothing and Accessories

We want you to be comfortable during your procedure and have the best outcome. Therefore, we ask that you wear loose comfortable clothing, short-sleeves and low-heel/stable shoes. We also ask that you not wear contact lens, jewelry or cosmetics (makeup, lipstick, nail polish or perfumes)



We understand that many people take prescription, over-the-counter and herbal medications which are very important for your health. For your safety and optimal outcome, we ask that you inform our team of any and all medications and herbals you take so we can decide which one to continue or hold before and after your procedure. If you are unsure, please call our office at least one day prior to your procedure.


Physical Health

If you have developed a recent illness (cold, flu, fever, etc) we may determine that rescheduling your appointment is necessary to ensure a safe and favorable outcome. Oral surgery can be stressful and IV sedation/anesthesia is not indicated when a person is ill. Please call the office if you are feeling ill so we can assist with finding you a new appointment time.



We require a close friend or family to act as escort or driver to take you home and be with you for at least four hours after IV sedation/anesthesia.



Depending on the procedure you have your surgeon may give specific instructions on limiting activity from 2-7 days. We strongly discourage any use of machinery the day of surgery or when using a narcotic pain reliever. We also advise limiting physical activity to items under 20 pounds for the first three days. Please ask your surgeon if you have more specific questions.

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