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Wisdom teeth begin developing at an early age and begin to cause problems in the late teens. It is very common for wisdom teeth to be impacted and not have room for proper eruption. In rare cases they can be associated with destructive cysts which cause damage to jaw bone and adjacent teeth. Most impacted wisdom teeth will cause dental cavities and gum disease with neighboring teeth. Studies suggest removing impacted wisdom teeth prior to age 25 is ideal. Signs you might need to call one of board-certified Oral Surgeons include pain, swelling , bleeding with brushing or bad breath.

The procedure to remove a wisdom tooth can range from simple to complex depending on your unique situation. It is important to trust your treatment to an expert in surgery of the mouth and face. Our surgical specialists completed four years of full-time residency training after Dental school honing their skills in surgery, anesthesia, and medicine. If your or your loved one is in need of tooth removal, we encourage you to call now and reserve time for an evaluation at Coulee Region Implant & Oral Surgery.

Early Signs of Wisdom Teeth Issues

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What is the Process for Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Wisdom tooth removal is usually the first oral surgery our patients have had and it can be stressful or cause anxiety. We understand and will be sympathetic to your needs. We have advance training in all types of anesthesia and will tailor the option that fits you best. Our sedation and anesthesia options include the following:

Your consultation will include a detailed head & neck examination, CBCT (3-D) imaging and discussion regarding your options of treatment. Our surgical specialist will work with you to develop a plan on how best to treat your wisdom teeth and ensure an optimal outcome. The day of your surgery you will be provided with verbal and written home care instructions which include diet, pain control and oral hygiene to aide in a healthy recovery. It is vey normal to have mild to moderate discomfort after your procedure. The pain and swelling will typically peak at day 3 or 4. Discomfort or swelling that last longer than five days with no improvement is a reason to call your surgical team. Our team is highly trained and experienced in the removal of Wisdom teeth and extractions. Schedule your consultation with us to find out how we can help you with Wisdom tooth removal.

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Affordable Wisdom Teeth Surgery

At Coulee Region Implant & Oral Surgery center we believe every patient shouldn’t have to worry about wisdom teeth removal cost. We work with various insurance carriers and third-party financing firms  to provide affordable wisdom teeth removal near you. Simply contact our finance department to learn how to best utilize your insurance benefits and if necessary, use third party financing to help make your wisdom tooth extractions affordable. We are here to help support you through your oral health journey! Contact us right away to learn about how financing can help you.

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