Dr. Timm and Dr. Polzin have the most training after dental school when it comes to IV sedation/anesthesia. IV sedation is highly sought after by our patients. IV sedation provides sleepiness and amnesia so patients can “sleep” through their surgery and then recover in supervised and comfortable surroundings. When the patient is fully recovered, they are sent home with instructions and items to aide in a speedy recovery. We encourage all of our surgery patients to call the office or Dr. Timm or Dr. Polzin after hours if questions should arise.

Why Choose IV Sedation

  • Calms the typical feelings of dental anxiety and normal fears that people have
  • Doctors advise this option as it is the most comfortable way to have oral surgery
  • Patients will be sedate, comfortable or in a deep sleep but breathing on their own
  • Patient are asleep but do respond to commands
  • We choose a combination of medications that wear off quickly

IV Sedation Checklist

  • Do not eat or drink anything for at least 8 hours before your appointment (including water, mints and gum)
  • Arrange to have an adult be at the office during the procedure and then take you home. You will need to have a person with you at home for supervision.
  • Do not wear contacts to your appointment
  • Take your typical medications with a sip of water only
  • Wear a short sleeve shirt
  • Bring your paperwork filled out or come 15-20 minutes early to complete necessary forms.
  • Minors will need a guardian or parent to sign the consent form
  • Bring any paperwork and x-rays provided by your dentist-referral

Your Appointment

You will first meet with the anesthesia assistant to review your medical history, medications, the referral and your concerns and goals for the procedure. Please feel free to call the office before your appointment to have your questions answered.