What to Expect During Your Oral Surgery Consultation

dental model during an appointment with a patient.

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Are you considering dental implants and wondering if they’re right for you? At Coulee Region Implant & Oral Surgery (CRIOS), we’re here to help you navigate the process and make informed decisions about your oral health. Serving patients across Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota, our expert team specializes in dental implants, the gold standard for replacing missing or failing teeth. Ready to learn more? Here’s what to expect during your oral surgery consultation. 

Seize Your Opportunity with an Implant Consultation 

Scheduling an implant consultation is your first step toward restoring your smile. At CRIOS, you’ll meet our team of specialists, including Drs. Timm, Polzin, and Sorenson, who are all Board-Certified Oral Surgeons with a combined 40 years of experience. This consultation is your chance to ask questions, discuss options, and understand the process in detail. 

Meet Your Implant Team 

Your consultation is an opportunity to get acquainted with our dedicated specialists, as one of them will conduct a thorough examination of your oral health. They will review your dental history, current health conditions, and any medications you may be taking. Building a relationship with your surgical team helps ensure a smooth and successful treatment journey. 

Imaging and Scans for Oral Surgery

During your consultation, a detailed examination of your teeth, gums, bite, and bone structure will be performed. Advanced imaging techniques, such as X-rays and scans, will be used to visualize your oral anatomy comprehensively. These scans are crucial for designing your final prosthetic and planning the precise placement of your dental implants. Whether you need partial or full mouth implants, our in-house lab ensures meticulous attention to detail for optimal results. 

Personalized Treatment Plan 

At CRIOS, we believe in customized care. Each patient’s needs are unique, and we tailor our treatment plans accordingly. Dental implants not only restore teeth but also improve overall oral health, including bone structure and gum health. Your consultation will help us develop a treatment plan that aligns with your specific goals and circumstances. 

Scheduling and Financing an Oral Surgery 

Beyond the examination and treatment planning, our consultations cover important logistical details. We’ll outline the treatment timeline, the number of appointments required, and the estimated cost of your dental implant surgery. Our finance team will assist you with insurance benefits and financing options. CRIOS partners with various insurance carriers and third-party financing firms to make dental implants accessible to all our patients. 

One Consultation Can Change Your Life 

If you suffer from missing, broken, or decaying teeth, an implant consultation is a crucial step toward transforming your smile and improving your quality of life. This meeting will help set clear expectations and allow our surgeons to craft a tailored treatment plan for you. Take charge of your oral health today by scheduling a consultation with Coulee Region Implant & Oral Surgery Center. Discover how we can change your life with expert dental implant surgery. 

During your oral surgery consultation at CRIOS, you will learn about the dental implant process, meet our expert team members, and discuss personalized treatment plans. With our comprehensive approach, you’ll leave your consultation with a clear plan for restoring your smile. For the best oral surgery in La Crosse, WI and Onalaska, WI trust Coulee Region Implant & Oral Surgery Center to guide you every step of the way. Schedule your consultation today and take the first step toward a healthier, brighter smile. 

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